Floorball Training – Royal Oak

Monday Training Dates (Academy Sports – Royal Oak):

Monday 16th April – 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Monday 23rd April – 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Monday 30th April – 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Monday training’s cancelled for 6 weeks due to Sports Hall closure for School Exams

Monday 18th June – 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Monday 25th June – 7:30pm – 9:30pm


Academy Sports have asked that we make the following clear to all players:

1) That all rubbish (especially plastic bottles) is cleared at the end of training sessions. Note that the club could be fined £100 if rubbish is left in the hall and this will be charged to the player responsible .

2) Note that smoking (including e-cigarettes) is strictly banned within and directly outside the venue – and fines of £50 will be enforced from July.

3) Be polite to staff at all times!


Help to clear up the sticks/balls/goals at the end of training.

Bring the training fee of £5 (Member) or £7 (Guest) in cash with you to every training.



Royal Oak – Academy Sports
Torquay Street
London W2 5EZ
Tel: 020 7121 0642