About Floorball

Floorball GameFloorball as a game comes from Northern Europe. It is similar to Bandy, a sport considered to be the predecessor of ice hockey. It is sometimes likened to ice hockey without the ice skates,but there are considerable differences in the rules.

The game is played on an indoor rink by two teams. Each team consists of five outfield players and one goalkeeper, although generally these players are from a larger squad and may be substituted at any time during a game.

The outfield players use a lightweight stick with a curved plastic blade. The shaft is shorter than an ice hockey stick (at around 99cm in length) and round, which makes it very manoeuvrable. The goalie wears special equipment incorporating long, padded trousers and shirt and a helmet.

There is no puck or heavy ball; instead a lightweight, plastic ball is used. The ball is extremely fast and can be easily lifted, bounced and deflected. The rules of the game require fair play, do not allow for any high sticking, stick contact or body contact, so the game tends to be less physical and more skill-oriented and fast- paced. The mixture of endurance, power and precision makes Floorball a popular game for people of all ages and abilities.

Floorball is a fun, quick, and active sport. It provides a great workout in a fun environment!